Summer Teachers Workshop 2017
Update: We are still accepting applications and will send further information out in Mid-June. Those interested in registering for credit through the Continuing Education department at the University of Utah may do so (a small administrative fee may apply.) Otherwise, there are no costs associated with the workshop.

We are excited you are interested in the summer workshop and hope to see you in July! It will run July 25-28 at the Sandy U. of Utah Campus right off of I-15. We'll meet from 8:00-4:30 each day to work on interesting and engaging mathematics. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. If you have any questions, please email

This workshop is organized by Adam Boocher (U. of Utah) and Troy Jones (Westlake High School) with support from Math for America. Our schedule is to follow the rough outline of engaging in mathematics in the mornings and reflecting on practice in the afternoons.

The mornings will be devoted to problem solving sessions led by Adam Boocher. This year we will be focusing on the topic: Symmetry - Shape and Number. We'll start by studying the symmetries of polygons and seeing that there's quite a bit more than meets the eye. Along the way we'll talk about permutations, different counting systems, how even the familiar quadratic formula exhibits a certain type of mathematical symmetry. We'll close by discussing of what features are common to these different types of symmetry. Along the way, we'll see instances of probability, counting, matrices, and other topics from the common core.

Troy Jones (Westlake High School) and Ray Barton (Olympus High School) will facilitate the afternoon sessions. They will be devoted to reflecting on practice. What does that mean? We will still work on significant amount of mathematics, but as these sessions are led by your colleagues, the considerations of teaching practice will permeate all the sessions. Our list of speakers for the afternoon session is currently being filled, but below is some information about speakers from last year's workshop which will be representative of the types of activities we plan to have this year:

(2016) Calvin Black: Adopting Math Circle to middle school - In this session Calvin will facilitate the process of taking advanced problems and modifying them in such a way that they are usable by a middle school teacher. Considerations will be given to how the problems can be modified so they engage middle school students in the process of problem solving.

(2016) Troy Jones: Compass and Straightedge Constructions: From Basic to Advanced - In this workshop, we will construct segment lengths representing different numbers and operations on numbers, triangles given certain parts, points of concurrencies in triangles and quadrilaterals, circles and tangents, and constructions on conic sections. Do you wonder how best to teach these in your classroom? Troy will share ideas and problems, and through this workshop you'll develop new ideas about teaching constructions.

(2016) Lisa Friedman: Round table in mathematics classroom - Phillips Exeter Academy developed their own curriculum and teaching method. This is the environment "in which a teacher and a group of students work together, exchanging ideas and information, around a table." Lisa will help us see the potential of this method through the collection of problem from the Exeter curriculum.

(2016) MaryAnn Moore: Formative Assessment - In this session MaryAnne will lead us through design of formative assessment.

(2016) Brynja Kohler & Emina Alibegovic: Full circle of assessment - We continue the assessment session with a framework for comprehensive assessment which we describe using a circles unit for 7th grade.

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