Assessment of Non-Exclusionary Disciplinary Practices
The first purpose of this survey is to assist the central office in identifying alternatives to school exclusion practices used in the Boston Public Schools. With the feedback of school leaders and school based staff that implement the BPS Code of Conduct, to date we have summarized what we think the non exclusionary practices that are currently being used, in the following link. ( )

The second purpose of this survey is to begin assessing the effectiveness of non-exclusionary models at BPS schools. Please take some time to review the list of non of non-exclusionary practices and answer the four questions below. Thank you in advance for your feedback.
What alternatives to school exclusion practices are you familiar with, or have used, or currently use that is not captured in the list of alternatives provided?
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Which alternatives would you like to be used at your school but can’t based on limitations?
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What are the limitations that prevent your school from utilizing alternatives to school exclusions?
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What does your school need to build their capacity to effectively use non-exclusionary discipline to serve students who have experienced trauma?
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