Self Test for Children
Skips lines while reading or copying
Skips words while reading or copying
1 point
Substitutes words while reading or copying
1 point
Loses place while reading or copying
1 point
Rereads words or lines
1 point
Reverses letters, numbers or words
1 point
Uses finger or marker to keep place while reading/writing
1 point
Rereads very slowly
1 point
Poor reading comprehension
1 point
Difficulty remembering what has been read
1 point
Holds head too close when reading/writing (within 7-8 in.)
1 point
Squints, closes, or covers one eye while reading
1 point
Unusual posture/head tilt when reading/writing
1 point
Headaches following intense reading/computer work
1 point
Eyes hurt or feel tired after completing a visual task
1 point
Feels unusually tired after completing a visual task
1 point
Double vision
1 point
Vision blurs at distance when looks up from near work
1 point
Letters or lines “run together” or words “jump” when reading
1 point
Print seems to move or go in and out of focus when reading
1 point
Poor spelling skills
1 point
Writing is crooked or poorly spaced
Misaligns letters or numbers
Makes errors copying
Difficulty tracking moving objects
Unusual clumsiness, poor coordination
Difficulty with sports involving good eye-hand coordination
Eye turns in or out
Sees more clearly with one eye than the other
Feels sleepy while reading
Visual perceptual or visual processing problems
Visual motor integration disorders
Non-Verbal Learning disorders
Performance scores not comparable with verbal scores
Dislikes tasks requiring sustained concentration
Avoids near tasks such as reading
Confuses right and left directions
Becomes restless when working at his/her desk
Tends to lose awareness of surroundings when concentrating
Must “feel” things to see them
Eyes bothered by light
Unusual blinking
Unusual eye rubbing
Dry eyes
Watery eyes
Red eyes
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