Fremd High School Infinite Campus Help Request

Please read this entire message.

Summer School Registration Note:
You must be logged in to the Parent Infinite Campus portal under your account, and NOT one of your children.

First time users of Infinite Campus must contact Fremd Student Services at 847-755-2630 for an activation key in order to set up an account.

Parents who have forgotten their Infinite Campus Username or Password, or whose accounts have become disabled, must contact the Fremd Technology HelpDesk at 847-755-2761 to have them reset. Township H.S. District 211 does not have an automated system for resetting usernames or password at this time.

All other questions pertaining to registration, payment of fees, transcripts, etc., must be directed to the Student Services office, 847-755-2630.

Students must stop by Technology Office to have their accounts re-enabled should they become disabled because of three incorrect log in attempts.

Students: Please remember that your user name is a nine digit number: three zeros followed by your school ID number.
Your password is the first initial of your first name, the first initial of your last name, followed by your birthday using the MMDDYY format.

For example, student Jane Smith whose ID number is 123456 was born on May 18, 2001. Her user name and password would be as follows:

User Name: 000123456

Password: js051801