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How did you hear about AbsoluteJOI Skincare?
What is your age group?
What is your gender?
How would you describe your skin type?  
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When thinking about your skincare goals, how important are each of the following issues for you?              
Not Important
Slightly Important
Very Important
Not Sure
Uneven Skin Tone
Dark Marks
Staying Moisturized
Keeping My Skin Calm and Not Irritated
Boosting Radiance
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Please tell us about any other goals you have for your skincare, if any:
On the chart below, find the skin tone that matches yours. Enter the number below.
It does not have to be an exact match for foundation, just in general which is the closest match to your skin tone. There are 30 options (1-30, 6 per row).
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How easy or difficult is it to find skincare products that work for you?
Very Easy
Very Difficult
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If you answered 3, 4 or 5, what is your biggest challenge or frustration with finding skincare products? (it can be anything, we want to hear it!):
Please indicate the importance of each of the following for you when selecting skincare products
Not Important
Slightly Important
Very Important
Not Sure
Quality of the Ingredients
Made for Sensitive Skin
Natural Ingredients
No Perfumes or Dyes
Having a simple skincare routine
No Animal Testing
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Please list other things you look for when choosing your skincare products, if any:
When thinking about AbsoluteJOI Skincare, how important are the following for you? (it's OK if you don't know all of our features).
Not Important
Slightly Important
Very Important
Not Sure
It's Effective and Has Great Reviews
Developed Specifically for Melanin-Rich Skin
It is a Simplified Approach to Skincare
Uses Natural Ingredients
No Perfumes or Dyes
No Toxic Chemicals
Made By a Doctor
Made in a Certified Lab
No Animal Testing
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Is there anything else you want to tell us or any suggestions you have to create great skincare for you?
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