TEDxFondduLac Speaker Application
This form is set up in two sections - references to help ensure you are on the right track with your application and then the application itself. If you have any questions about the form, please email us at info@tedxfonddulac.com.
A message from TED's Chris Anderson
TED Curator Chris Anderson gives a short talk on how to give powerful TED Talks. He breaks down in simple language the intention of what your Talk must be about and how it transfers your idea into the minds of those watching and listening to you. Please watch Chris's video as part of ensuring you are on the right track with your idea.
This Mistake Dooms 75% of TED Pitches
According to TEDx Producer Tricia Brouk with TEDxLincolnSquare, a pitch is unlikely to be successful if it is self-promotional or cannot synthesize the main points into a few words. Feel free to review her article with Inc.com as TEDxFondduLac curators likewise agree that these actions will not help your pitch - https://www.inc.com/jessica-stillman/this-is-secret-to-becoming-a-ted-speaker-according-to-a-tedx-producer.html
What TEDxFondduLac Curators are Looking For
You'll soon see the variety of questions we are looking for, but the following are also things you will want to review and think about in terms of whether or not your idea is ready for the stage:

* Your idea is unique. It has the potential to change the way someone else thinks about the world around them and it is not something you want to share to benefit yourself or your business
* Your talk is ideally able to be presented in 15 minutes or less, with 18 minutes or less being the requirement
* Your "idea worth spreading" is your own and may not address political/religious agendas or directly promote a company, business, or product
* You must verify that your idea is within TEDx Content Guidelines - please review here: http://storage.ted.com/tedx/manuals/tedxcontentguidelines.pdf
* You are encouraged to visit TED.com as well as YouTube and check out TED and TEDx talks that might have similar ideas to your proposed TEDx Talk idea. Be prepared to share with us why your proposal is unique and different if there are others like it online already.
* The application must be completed by the prospective speaker, not a third party.
Be Prepared for Deadlines
Should you be chosen for the TEDxFondduLac stage, you will be required to adhere to a variety of deadlines without exception. Failure to reach these deadlines could result in action up to removal from the event lineup. While the dates of these deadlines will be released to the chosen speakers, you can expect the following:

* Quick deadline after selection on speaker consent form, bio, and photo
* Monthly deadlines on Talk drafts beginning in spring 2020
* Monthly deadlines on any PowerPoint presentation usage beginning in spring 2020
* At least monthly (likely weekly) checkins with your assigned speaker coach beginning in spring 2020
* Speaker/team gathering in April (Evening event - not required, but encouraged)
* Dress rehearsal attendance required the day before the event (afternoon/half day)
* All day attendance at the main event required, regardless of your position within the day's schedule

TEDxFondduLac will provide you with a speaker coach and many resources that will help you be successful in this process. You will find out more about all of this should you be chosen for the stage.
The TEDxFDL Team Timeline
We understand you are anxious to hear back from us on whether or not your idea was selected. The following is our timeline of events that will help you understand when you may hear from us.

* This application is open for any and all applicants through January 31, 2020
* Our team will review all applications and make selections on who will be interviewed by February 16, 2020 (those not chosen will hear from us by February 17, 2020)
* Our team will interview "round 2" candidates on February 28 or 29, 2020 in-person or by phone/video (these will be scheduled starting February 17, 2020 at the latest)
* The speakers chosen for TEDxFondduLac 2020 will be made by March 15, 2020 (those not chosen will hear from us)

While this is going on, our team will also be working on the various details of putting on this event that operate independently of this process. One of these things is the choosing of the year's theme. We have chosen "CARE - Create a Ripple Effect". Visit our website (tedxfonddulac.com) for a blog post that explains this, but also remember your idea does not have to fit into this theme 100% - there are unique ways for talks to be included in the day even if it may not appear to be on the surface.
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