Careers in Code - Teaching Assistant Application - Cohort 2 and 3
Careers in Code is a coding bootcamp that teaches computer programming to women and minorities to help combat poverty in Central NY. We provide students with the technical skills they need to obtain internships and entry level software development jobs with local employers after 24 weeks of instruction. Learn more at

We're actively looking for teaching assistants who are passionate about advancing Central NY’s technology community. Software professionals like you have the talent and skills necessary to create professional opportunities for our students that will radically change their lives for the better. We'd love to work with you!

If you have questions, please reach out to us at
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Our classes our planned to tentatively kickoff in late Q1 of 2022 (i.e. March or April)
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Note: this is not a strict requirement. We are flexible with the timing, although we've found that having teaching assistants for consecutive periods of time tend to work best for our students.
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Office hours are held with students 1-2 hours per week. Students will decide if they want office hours that week and coordinate with the instructor and TA. Office hours will either be remote via google hangouts or coincide with local meetup groups. Students may also reach out to a TA for 1:1 time based on their own needs.
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