Ganzflicker Experience
A visual flicker is known to induce "Ganzfeld imagery" (Allefeld et al., 2011; Sumich et al., 2018), a type of visual pseudo-hallucination. The continuous flicker facilitates visual imagery, but does not induce any permanent changes in the brain and does not elicit actual hallucinations. I am interested to learn about the association between any illusions you see, and the vividness of your visual imagery.

The Ganzflicker is a continous red and black flicker. For best results, view the Ganzflicker for about 10 minutes. Please watch in a dark room with no distraction, and on a desktop/laptop in fullscreen mode (press F11 on your keyboard). Listening to white noise (with headphones) can enhance the experience.

Do not click the following link if you have photosensitive epilepsy!! If you do not have epilepsy but the Ganzflicker is highly unpleasant for you, you are not obligated to continue.

Click here to play 10 minutes of white noise (this will open up a new window):

Click here to go to the Ganzflicker Experience (this will open up a new window):
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