An on-line survey of lottery forecasting services
We appreciate your taking part in this survey. It is absolutely confidential and is aimed at collecting statistical data. Your responses will help us launch the lottery forecasting service EpicUreka! more rapidly as well as make it the most comfortable for you.
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How often do you play lotteries? *
What should be the Jackpot amount in the game for me to be interested to play? *
Imagine there is a service in the Web which allows you to predict next draws in a lottery with a certain degree of probability. What are the chances that you would use such a service? *
Forecasts of which lotteries would you be most interested to receive? (choose up to 3) *
What would be the most convenient way of getting forecasts for you? *
How much do you think would be affordable for you to spend on lottery forecasts a month? *
Which of the payment methods would you prefer most of all? *
If you think of playing a lottery what would be the best analogy for you? *
As soon as we receive around 1000 responses we will be able to launch the lottery forecasting service. In case you would like to be informed about the launch among the first, please, type in your e-mail below.
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