Adopt a Hen
Thank you for joining our Adopt a Hen project. Our hens are pasture raised meaning they are outdoors 24/7 with unlimited access to sunshine, grass, bugs and fresh forage. They have a stylish egg mobile that they tuck themselves into at night, complete with roosting space and nesting boxes for laying eggs. The egg mobile is moved every couple of days to ensure the chickens are given fresh forage and hygienic living conditions. To ensure a balanced diet, we supplement with a 100% hormone, antibiotic and medication free feed.

To see photos of our pasture raised hens in action, please visit
Subscription Details
The adoption fee is a once off payment that provides you an adoption period of 14 weeks.

Your subscription covers the food for your hen for the duration of the adoption. The cost is calculated according to the desired quantity of eggs every week.

The subscription period is 14 weeks from 1 October to 31 December 2019. Eggs will be delivered on a Thursday or Friday depending on the delivery point.

Please ensure payment is made into the bank account supplied at the bottom of this form, before 1 October.

An email will be sent you confirming your subscription on receipt of payment detailing delivery place.
Your subscription consists of:
- Your desired quantity of eggs delivered to your chosen delivery point every week for 14 weeks

- An adoption certificate will be sent you with the name of your hen

- An accommodation voucher to Bramleigh Farm so that you can visit your hen. This voucher is valid from 1 October until 1 March 2020 for one stay. The voucher provides a 10% discount on any length of stay but is not redeemable for cash.
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Adopt and Donate
If you would like to Adopt a Hen and donate the eggs to a good cause, please select the option below. We will deliver the eggs on your behalf.
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Banking Details
Please deposit your subscription fee into the below account before 1 October 2019.
A confirmation email will be sent on receipt of payment.

FNB Branch: 250655
Name: Bramleigh Farm
Acc Number: 62511487325

Please send proof of payment to

Thank you for Adopting a Hen! Your hen is very egg-cited to live a happy, pasture raised life!
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