2019 March Madness Rugby Tournament
Event Timing: April 6-7, 2019
Event Address: S. Sioux City, NE
Contact us at (402)316-0100 or marchrugby@hotmail.com

To all teams, this is a first come first serve event. We turn many teams away that do not fill out this sheet. -

Doing this form, DOES NOT require any money at this time !! If you are planning on the event, please fill this out now to avoid being shut out with a full tournament. Money due 3rd week in March, not now.
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Phone *
We will send you a TEXT, with updated information on the tournament,VERY IMPORTANT information. You must have a TEXT cell phone.We need 2 officers of your club, so that you get this information(approx 10 texts to you in March)
2nd Phone Number *
Provide name and number of a team captain, coach, or match secretary (for backup purposes)
Payment Information *
How will you pay for the tournament fee? 3 choices You will not have to pay to send in this form.....just let us know the payment type, and you will be contacted at a later day for payment
I understand that my team's tournament fees are due 10 days before the tournament. Nothing is due today. *
You can write a post-dated check for 3 days before games
Team Name *
Please spell out completely, DO NOT use abbreviations!
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State *
Men's or Women's Team *
Team Type *
SORRY, no High School teams this year!
What division do you wish to play in? *
How many players do you have? *
How many fans do you think will travel to watch you?
Full-side or Half team? *
Is this entry for ONLY for 15 on 15 play? *
Is this entry for ONLY 7 on 7 Play? *
Is this entry for doing BOTH 15 on 15 and also some 7’s games? *
(please make sure you check the 3 choices above for 15’s, 7’s or both, click all 3). You can always change your entry an add or subtract games after this initial registration by e-mailing your choice to marchrugby@hotmail.com) Please double check your 3 choices!
Large roster? Want an extra game on Saturday? You can get a 3rd game Sat for 15 or a 6th game SAT for 7’s! *
For $20 for 7s, or $50 for 15’s do you want to have one extra game to play on Saturday?For 15’s this would now give you a guaranteed 3 games on Saturday plus your 1-2 games on Sunday for playoffs.And for 7’s would give you an EXTRA GAME beyond your SAT pool play, and get you 4-5 games on SAT, plus your knock out rounds.
If you are playing 15’s do you want to enter a “B” side, for an extra $160 *
Does your team want to stay at the BRAND NEW hotel, that touches the back of the try zone? Has a pool, small bar, and runs about $40 more per night than “Super 8”, Pretty sharp place. Click yes, and we will get your rooms locked down AT THIS hotel only. Other hotel choices, you must call yourselves.

Do you want to save team money and sleep at the convention hall, auditorium, roller rink, basket ball court, or bowling alley in sleeping bags to save money on motel rooms? This will cost $7 - $9 to sleep here for 2 nights. You will shower at the Wayne State College rec showers or the city swimming pool showers.

Note: These spots go very fast. They are first-come, first-serve.There are only 12 TEAM spots left on the poor floor !!
Do you want to reserve a spot on the poor floor for your team? *
Have you already booked a hotel? *
If you are staying at a hotel, which one are you staying at?
Do you want to camp out and sleep outside with a tent or an RV at the camp grounds? 
These must be reserved! Hold your spot now! First-come first-serve!We will call the city and reserve your spot at 1 of the 3 camping locations in town.
Clear selection
I understand that I will have to pay $$ at a later date, camp sites simply have an envelope drop box, $5 a night fee, pay on arrival.
Clear selection
If you have any questions about your registration please feel free to email marchrugby@hotmail.com
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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