UQ Sailing Club Executive Nominations 2020
UQ Sailing Club Executive Nomination
Nomination form for the a position on the UQ Sailing Club Executive
The position descriptions are as follows:

i. Shall be official head of the club.
ii. Shall represent the club socially and formally.
iii. Shall be Chairman of all (general) meetings of the club except meetings of committees to which the commodore is not elected.
iv. Will be the principal liaison with "Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron" and "UQ Sport".
v. Shall be a signatory of the UQ Sailing bank account.

Vice Commodore
i. Shall manage an active inventory of assets, and;
ii. Must conduct (2) fleet wide audits annually.
iii. Shall be responsible for the registration of assets.
iv. Coordinates insurance requirements and payments.
v. Manages club membership including a roster of active members
vi. Organises fundraising strategies
vii. Shall be a signatory of the UQ Sailing bank account.

i. Must form agendas' for all executive meetings.
ii. Shall keep minutes of all executive meetings.
iii. Shall keep a current record of the Constitution and Regulations of the club.
iv. Manages the Club Website, Correspondence and;
v. Shall be the primary point of contact for all enquiries via email.
vi. Must organise a minimum of (1) ECM each Month.
vii. Shall carry out the instructions of the General Meetings and Executive Meetings as required.
viii. Must forward a copy of each meetings minutes to UQ SPORT Ltd.

i. Must Keep a physical account showing receipts of all payments
ii. Must provide a report of expenditure and revenue at each executive meeting.
iii. Will issue receipts of monies received for membership to each member.
iv. Must be able to produce when required a statement of all financial transactions.
v. Shall be responsible for acquiring and maintaining incorporated society status.
vi. Shall be a signatory of the UQ Sailing bank account.

Head of Fleet
i. Shall chair meetings of the maintenance sub-committee and with their assistance;
ii. Organises and manages fleet wide damage booklet;
iii. Organises and maintains motorboat usage logbook;
iv. Conducts General Maintenance.;
v. Shall be responsible for servicing of the motorboat engine;
vi. Researches acquisition and sale of the fleet.
vii. Must provide a report of the state of the fleet at each executive meeting. and;
viii. Must inform sailing organisers of the current issues.
ix. Maintains equipment and protocols for water safety. ie: replenishing grab bag, first aid kit, updating and distributing motorboat operating procedures and sailing day procedures.

Head of Sailing
i. Shall chair meetings of the sailing sub-committee and with their assistance;
ii. Shall organise, promote and manage weekly sailing days;
iii. Shall organise and manage monthly roster for running of sailing days;
iv. Shall organise all sailing programs, including licensing and competitive events and camping events.

Social Program Director
i. Shall chair meetings of the social events sub-committee and with their assistance;
ii. Must Organise weekly RedRoom nights.
iii. Shall organise the weekly newsletter or email.
iv. Shall be the primary organiser of season opening and closing events.
v. Shall promote non-sailing activities.
vi. Must organises semester market days.

Sponsorship Director
i. Shall head the prospectus.
ii. Shall liaise with sponsors.
iii. Shall organise events with sponsors.

Marketing Manager
i. Create all marketing material for the website and events throughout the year.
ii. Maintain the social media accounts of the club.
iii. Gather store and catalogue media from our various events and organise photographers.
iv. Suggest better marketing methods for increasing membership and general participation.

UQSport Liaison
i. Manages contact and relationship with UQSport
ii. Prepares risk assessments and other UQSport required documents for each event
iii. Notifies UQSport of incidents or insurance claims

General Committee Member
i. Elected general committee members are sought to join sub-committees to assist in the organisation of events and tasks
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