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I give permission for my son / daughter to participate in the DataKirk Community STEM Project. I relieve the DataKirk, its directors, staff, mentors and volunteers from all responsibility in case of personal injury and /or property damage resulting from behaviour of my child which is contrary to established rules and/or procedures of the DataKirk. I will also be responsible for any personal injury and/ or property damage cause by the misconduct or negligence of my child *
At DataKirk, we use G Suite, and we are seeking your permission to provide and manage a G Suite for Nonprofit account for your child. G Suite is a set of productivity tools from Google including Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Classroom, and more. These tools are used by tens of millions of students and teachers around the world. At DataKirk, students will use their G Suite accounts to complete data tasks, communicate with their mentors, and learn 21st century digital skills. Google's privacy policay can be found at this link: *
I hereby declare that I will provide my son/daughter/wards relevant school tracking and monitoring data to DataKirk. I understand that this data will help DataKirk tutors identify areas of strengths and weaknesses for my son/daughter/ward. This data is also necessary to enable DataKirk to assess the impact of the Community STEM Project. *
It is possible on Google classroom to attach a 'guardian' email address to each account which will send a weekly summary email of their actions. If you would like to receive this weekly summary, please fill in your email below.
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All information pertaining to your child and your child's situation is to be kept confidential. "Release of information" form, signed by a parent or guardian, is needed in order to allow the exchange of information with any other outside organisation. The only exception of document or information access without parental permission would be access by the courts, in response to a court order or warrant.
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