Christmas Dinner Treasure Hunt!
Oh no Mrs Claus shopping bag was too full and split open!

All the ingredients have fallen out and rolled away!

Help find all the food for Christmas Dinner!
Type the lost food & business it rolled to below each clue!
Head to the very top of the East end of the High Street, this venue is filled to bursting with history! Hint: This food rolled to the building next door to the museum!
Head back towards the Plainstones from the first lost food and stop when you come to the square across from the Muckle Cross Pub, the next lost food has rolled away to a business that helps people move around the town who have limited mobility!
Walk back towards the Plainstones, when you reach Commerce Street turn up and walk along the right hand side. The next food has rolled into a business that provides care & support for our community!
Turn back around and head towards St Giles Church. Turn up the close between Boots and Clarks. The next food is in a “little” business that you can go to for a freshly made lunch and other tasty treats.
Head up the close and turn right up to South Street. This food has rolled in to business that has been on the street for a very long time! Parents & Grandparents will be big fans of this shop!
Cross the road (carefully!) on to Batchen Street and walk down. The next food has rolled into a business and is hiding among beautiful flowers.
Keep walking down Batchen Street and the next food has rolled in to a business that sells wonderful gifts & cards as well as having a delicious café upstairs.
To find the last lost food, at the bottom of Batchen Street turn left. The last food is waiting to be found in a restaurant where you can get delicious meals from pizza & pasta to breakfast & cake!
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As a thank you for your hard work finding all the missing food Mrs Claus will choose one lucky winner!
The winner will be chosen by random on the 14th December and will win a Christmas Goody Hamper (which will include a £25 Elgin Gift Card!)
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