BCHU Work Project Information
Hours worked form.
Please fill in each time you complete a work project.
If in doubt about what constitute reportable hours.
Consider the following:
• Does the public benefit?
• Will any part of the contribution be compensated for in real dollars? If so, by whom?
• Would an agency consider this reasonable?
• What was the intent of the event?
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Date(s) of work being reported *
Short description of work being reported. *
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Volunteer Name (if reporting collectively for more than one individual, list names here and report totals below) *
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Your Chapter *
Agency Benefited *
District *
Select US Forest Service Ranger District , or choose other if not working in a National Forest
Donations of money or material from chapter treasury, grants, personal accounts or business accounts (e.g. nails, gravel, supplies, etc.). Report the monetary value.
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Basic Work Hours
Trail maintenance brush clearing, work not requiring skilled labor, etc.
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Skilled Work Hours
Work requiring skilled labor such as packing, carpentry, bridge construction, use of power equipment, chain saws, etc
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Power Equipment Hours
Total actual hours using power equipment on projects (e.g. Chainsaws, weed whackers, mixers, etc.)
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Heavy Equipment Hours
Total hours charged at hourly rate for heavy equipment used on projects. (e.g. Tractors, Post Drivers, Backhoes, etc.)
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Stock Used
Number of livestock used to complete a project
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Stock Days
The number of animals times the number of days used. (e.g. If 2 animals are used for one day that equals 2 stock days. If 2 animals are used for 2 days that equals 4 stock days.) If an animal is used for only part of a day, report as one Stock Day no matter how long it was in service.
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Trail Work Miles
The total miles of trail, not in a designated Wilderness Area, cleared in a trail maintenance project. (Remember: 10 people clearing one mile of trails is only 1 mile for the entire group.)
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Wilderness Trail Miles
The total miles of trail within a designated Wilderness Area cleared in a trail maintenance project. (Remember: 10 people clearing one mile of trails is only 1 mile for the entire group.)
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Recon Work
The hours ridden in advance planning a trail project to determine the level of effort required.
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Community Service - Education and LNT
Actual hours spent teaching, preparing and conducting educational clinics, seminars, classes, reports, LNT seminars classes etc.
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Community Service - Public Meetings
Actual hours spent in actively attending or presenting at public meetings relating to BCH Activities or issues.
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Community Service - Administrative Service
Actual hours spent scheduling, coordinating and planning work rides within the chapter as well as coordinating rides with agencies and/or agency representatives. Planning clinics or workshops. Planning events that are open to the public. Volunteer Hours Record Keeping. Newsletter/webmaster Editor Hours. Research for articles, or writing of an article to be published in a state/chapter newsletter/website/facebook page. Web page maintenance hours, Facebook management hours
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Travel Time
Each individual may enter round trip travel time. So record actual hours going to and from projects, educational or public meetings
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Travel Miles (only driver)
If hauling stock, do not enter mileage here. Actual personal vehicle miles from home to projects, educational or public meetings and return – only the driver reports miles.
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Stock Hauling Miles (only driver)
Actual miles using a truck and/or trailer rig to haul animals AND/OR Heavy equipment etc. to projects and back. Only Driver reports miles. (Claim either stock hauling or personal miles but not both, unless the project has both then claim the actual miles hauling stock/equipment and the miles using personal vehicles
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