Registration: Opening of the real virtual DIGAREC In-Game Photo Gallery / 16 July, 6pm CET
We have the pleasure to invite you to the opening of the real virtual DIGAREC In-Game Photo Gallery which shows a number of in-game photographical works which were produced by students of European Media Studies – a joint program of University of Potsdam and University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. The exhibition presents the results of their practical explorations of the medium of in-game photography as participants of three university seminars on the subject focusing on different topics: “Medial Environments, Milieus and Landscapes” (class of 2016), “Machines_ _Ethics; _Poetry; _Politics; _Poetics” (class of 2018), “Media Reflexivity” (class of 2019/20). This exhibition exists only online and makes use of the virtual meeting tool Mozilla Hubs. It is designed by Lars Pinkwart and curated by Sebastian Möring.

The opening starts with a brief reception and an introduction after which there will be a guided tour through the gallery. If you join through hubs you will then be able to explore the virtual gallery space on your own and even start a conversation with other exhibition visitors over microphone.

Artworks by:
Aaron Richmond, Alexandra Günther, Barış Aydınlı, Celine Pilch, Christine Laqua, Daniel Latzel, David Gatidis, Dulguun Shirchinbal, Elise Kunze, Emily Hadrich, Fabian Brandtner, Finn Wittforth, Friederike Sophie Schulz, Hendrik Fischer, Jasmin Lehmann, Karoline Mushak, Laura Willikonsky, Lennart Mackies, Lisa Hein, Luzie Müller, Marian Billing, Marie-Lena Höftmann, Maurice Matthieu, Nadja Scherfy, Oliver Thurau, Philipp Röbke, Pia Zdila, Sandra Buttress, Sarah Töteberg, Stefanie Löbel, Till Schöneich, Ugur Yildirim.

In-game photography has been a research focus of DIGAREC (Digital Games Research Center at the University of Potsdam) since 2016: We have been researching the subject in the context of international workshops and university seminars. In recent years the scholarly, artistic, as well the economic interest in in-game photography has been on a constant rise. More and more academic literature gets published, exhibitions are being held in prominent museums such as the Centre George Pompidou, and ever more games come equipped with a photo-mode by default. In-game photography“describes a multitude of practices and technologies in which photography and video games Interact“ and it contains diverse practices such as „placing a DSLR in front of the unfolding events on the screen, using a video game's photo mode to take a picture, or playing a game where the use of the camera is simulated“ (Möring & de Mutiis 2019:70).

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