Cheeseburger Keycaps, coming right up!
A cheeseburger keycap will cost $100 each.

Shipping costs is as follows:
- US $5
- Canada $11
- International $15

Sorry, yes, this is the cheapest price for packages :(

This is a waiting list, and I will attempt to make and sell keycaps going through this list in order. You will receive an invoice when the keycap is ready for purchase! I don't like holding onto people's money until I can deliver. This could mean months of waiting, just a heads up.

The default order is going to be 1 cheeseburger.

If you would no longer like to purchase a cap when it gets to you in line, just send me an email/message/DM (, and I'll cancel the invoice and move onto the next person!

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Comments? (i.e. if you want more than one burger, don't want sesame seeds, tell me about something you're really excited about, write me a poem, etc.)
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Quick "Research" Questions!
This is just to gauge interest, it will help me to figure out some stuff for the future, and doesn't affect your purchase at all. If you could answer them, I'd appreciate it a lot!
Would you like some fries with that? a.k.a. would you be willing to pay... an extra $50 or so for a fries keycap. Am going to try to do resin casting instead of clay, because the design is simpler, so it wouldn't cost another $100. It may look something like the fries here:
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Would you be interested in a hot dog spacebar? (also at/around $100)
Suggestions for any other Cheeseburger related keycaps? (I've thought about doing soda already!)
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Where did you find out about me?
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