Dialogue, Listening, Timing
Workshop led by Lucy Ives
Emily Harvey Foundation
537 Broadway #2, New York, NY 10012
Saturday, March 31st, 5-7pm
Cost: $20

What can everyday conversation and overheard speech teach us about writing—particularly since writers of prose sometimes struggle with the strange and unpredictable dynamics of dialogue? In this workshop, we will explore improvisational techniques, transcription, as well as acts of appropriation, in an effort to imbue talking on the page with quickness, languor, urgency, and meaning, among many other qualities and quantities. Most of all, we will remind ourselves of the remarkable literary and artistic resource that is, simply put, speaking with others. Participants will receive a bibliography of resources, as well as a packet of suggested exercises for continued independent work after the workshop.

Lucy Ives is the author of the novel Impossible Views of the World (2017), as well as several books of poetry and short prose. In 2019, her second novel, Loudermilk, or the Real Poet, or the Origin of the World, will appear. She is currently Fellow-in-Residence at the Center for Experimental Humanities at NYU.

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