Shoesmith's At-Home Learning Check-in: 3/24/20
Hi Shoesmith Families,

We created this survey to help understand how the at-home learning experience is going for our Honeybees. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey so that we can better support you and your students at-home. Our goal is to virtually push out more resources early next week. We will use the results from this survey to put together the most helpful resources for you! **Please only complete this survey once**

We hope your family is safe and healthy!

Principal Gates & AP Keine
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What online programs has your student been engaging in during the last two weeks? (check all that apply) *
How helpful are the online programs that were provided on the learning menu? *
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How long are the online programs keeping your student engaged each day? *
What issues, if any, has your student had when accessing or logging on to these programs? (please be specific about which programs are problematic and describe the specific problem) *
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How helpful are the paper-based materials (packet) that were provided? *
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We are planning to roll out more resources to families. We would like to get a better understanding of what is needed at home. Please rank the following resources in order of most helpful (1) to least helpful (7). *
More online assignments
Links to paper-based materials that can be printed at home
Online instructional videos
Extracurricular activities (art, music, physical exercises, science projects, etc.)
Daily Schedule
Lesson Plans
Social emotional resources
Please use the space provided for questions you might have or feedback that will help us when planning for the upcoming weeks. *
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