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By participating in the Contest, you confirm that you have read and you agree with the Terms and Conditions of the Sentinel Hub Custom Script Contest - COVID-19 Edition ( as well as with the Sentinel Hub's Terms of Service (
Access to non-open EO data
Participants of the COVID-19 Custom Script Contest can get access to non-open Earth Observation data such as PlanetScope and Airbus Pleiades. Those who choose this option, do confirm that they will be using the data solely for the purpose of the Contest as described in the Terms and Conditions (
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Request for additional Euro Data Cube resources
In case you will be only using EO Browser or you are content with the basic use of Sentinel Hub services, you can skip this section and go to the end of the form and Submit it.

This section should be filled by those, who require additional Euro Data Cube resources for advanced processing.

European Space Agency (ESA) may sponsor access to several Euro Data Cube (EDC) services for the purpose of COVID-19 edition of Custom Script Contest, within its Network of Resources and EarthNet programmes. ESA will be reviewing requests on a daily basis and inform participants about the outcome by e-mail. In principle for this competition any participant can receive sponsorship for the EDC services, once they are used within the context of this contest.

Participants can get access to the below resources free of charge for the purpose of COVID-19 edition of Custom Script Contest. Note however that while resources are free of charge, they are not free, they are funded with taxpayers’ money. We therefore kindly ask participants to only select resources that they really need and will use.

Any publications or presentation of results as an outcome of the Network of Resource Sponsorship by ESA shall include the statement “Sponsorship received through the Network of Resources initiative of ESA"
Please select one or more types of data account you need for your development
Please select what type of processing account you need for your development
Both the Hosted JupyterLab environments include:
• Own workspace with 180G replicated SSD storage
• 36GB outbound network traffic
• Terminal access to workspace
• Extensible catalogue of Jupyter notebooks, also publishable in read-only mode
• Pre-installed Python libraries for EDC usage including eo-learn, xcube/xarray, S3 access, etc.
Please select if any addon is needed to complete the above processing environment
Please add more details about your needs (e.g. SSD block storage size, S3 space etc.)
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Do you commit to submit an idea before the deadline?
If ESA decides to sponsor the use of Euro Data Cube resources, they would want to know that these resources will be used for good. Therefore, if you make use of it, you need to submit an idea in return. Note that you can always decide to work with the data using free resources - EO Browser and free tier of Sentinel Hub.
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