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Note: Item means any single volume in a series, a monograph, a fieldbook, a folder of archival documents, etc.
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Refer to the BHL Collection Development Policy: http://biodivlib.wikispaces.com/Collection+Development+Policy
If your items are digitized, what formats are they in?
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If your items are digitized, please list the scanning specifications, if known.
DPI/PPI, 48 bit color vs 24 bit color, etc.
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For items that have not been digitized, how much access to funding do you have?
Do you have the ability to digitize your own content using an in-house or third-party scanner? *
Are you willing to send material to an Internet Archive location to be scanned? *
Please see IA's Scanning Page for locations: https://archive.org/details/partnerdocs
Please describe any standards you follow for the description of your collections
E.g.: RDA vs. AACR2; MODS, EAD, MARC, MARCXML, or Dublin Core
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If you’d like to submit issues of a journal or a book, have you indexed their articles or chapters? If so, please provide a sample to enablingaccess.bhl@gmail.com *
Please also provide a small sample of your scanned images and metadata/item descriptions, if applicable, to enablingaccess.bhl@gmail.com
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