Healthy Habits
Self-care is important in our field and what better way to focus on self-care than to focus on increasing our own healthy habits! It takes 21 days to build a habit and 7 more days to make sure we all have it down! This is something we ask others to do everyday in our field and it is equally important for us to do as well!

Good Luck on creating your own Health Habits and, most importantly, HAVE FUN!
Please be sure to do the following every day:
1) Write in First & Last Name
2) Date this is completed: this will be completed daily! Whether you get any or all points please complete!!! You never know what additional ways you may get an option to get into the drawings!!
3) If you did not achieve the goal click on 0 (zero) and if you did achieve the goal click on 1 (one).
4) If you want, we may add in another drawing or another way to win Northland Gear, add in your daily steps!! Those who are doing Calories add in Calories.
5) Those who have to swap out Steps: use the steps option below for tracking your food into a system such as MyFitnessPal; if you meet or are less than your Calorie goal you can count that under the 10,000 steps for the extra point!
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64 Oz Of Water Achieved
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5000 Steps Achieved / Tracking Calories on an APP such as MyfitnessPal Achieved
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10,000 Steps Achieved / Meeting or NOT going over Calorie goal Achieved
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6 + Hours of Sleep Achieved
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3-5 Servings of Fruits and/or Veggies (or combo) Achieved
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30 Mins of Activity Achieved
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