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Dear All,

Announcement/registration for the DADM General Meeting 2018 - will be held on the 24-Jan-2018 from 15:00-17:00. Hereafter we will network over drinks & sandwiches/snacks.

Venue: Larix A/S , Lyskær 8b, 2730 Herlev

The focus of this event is on the tools related to the to the topics we have presented/discussed in 2017 (GDPR, RBM, Centralized Monitoring). Therefore, we will arrange a demo of a tool representing each topic.


General Meeting – (45 mins)
1. Election of chairman
2. The President’s report
3. Presentation and approval of financial report
4. Presentation and approval of budget and activities including endorsement of membership fee
5. Election of Executive Officers, Alternating Officers, and Auditor
6. Proposed motions
7. Miscellaneous

• Break (15 mins)

Demo + Q&A for Tools 20 mins per demo (60 mins)
• GDPR Tool (
• Qlik for Centralised Monitoring (Ferring)
• SAS JMP Clinical for RBM (Novo Nordisk)

Looking forward to seeing you again in the new year.

Wishing you a merry X-Mas & happy New Year,
DADM Board

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