LOF Theme Camp Registration 2019

1. If you are parking ANY kind of motor vehicle in your camp, you will need to register that vehicle with DMV. Permits for CAR camping specifically will be extremely limited this year. Expect RVs and campers to be fine, but actual cars getting permits will be limited to those with a health/wellness need linked to the car.

2. New "quiet" and "calm" space options: in the form that follows, you will be asked to select your preference of neighborhood location. One of the options offered this year is a new space, called the "Back 40", back in the pines between the art gallery and parking. "Quiet" offers a space free from generators and loud music (meaning you can't camp there and bring those things); "Calm" offers the same, with low wattage generators and low volume music allowed. Some of you folks who offer chill space might want to consider selecting for this new neighborhood. Also note: RVs and campers will NOT be permitted in this new space.

3. Some of the spaces off the lake will carry fire restrictions. In the keyhole, no ground fire is allowed. In the Back 40 (New Space), no fire other than in communal spaces will be allowed. Just something to keep in mind.

4. A ground plan of your campsite layout is required to complete this form. You may want to work that up before you begin.

5. Any camp not onsite by FRIDAY AT 6PM risks forfeiting their site. Sorry folks, space is precious at the Lake, and theme camps are expected to show up and BRING IT.

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