C2C 2020 - Application
The InterNational Cyber Security – Center of Excellence (INCS-CoE) is delighted to announce its international Country-to-Country (C2C) capture the flag (CTF) competition.

The inaugural C2C CTF 2020, organized by Royal Holloway, University of London, will be an online competition running for 24 consecutive hours from December 6th 2020 (11am UTC+0) to December 7th 2020 (11am UTC+0). The organising committee of C2C 2020 invites students from eligible institutions to apply to partake to the inaugural event. The International C2C Committee will select 200 students from the received applications, with which we intend to create diverse teams for the competition. We aim to select competitors from a broad range of backgrounds, nationalities, languages, genders, experiences and cyber security skills. We seek motivated and resourceful participants who enjoy a tough intellectual challenge in a cooperative international context. We are not merely looking at experts who have won other hacking competitions before.

Please note that student applications will only be considered from institutions invited by INCS-CoE, which are currently based in the UK, USA, Japan, Israel, France and Australia. Please contact us if you wish to check the eligibility of your institution, or for any other related queries on C2C 2020, at info@c2c-ctf.org.

The deadline to apply is Thursday 1st October 2020 (UTC+0).

This application form takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Please note that students who have already pre-registered in February-March 2020 do not have to re-apply.

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About INCS-CoE
INCS-CoE is an international consortium to tackle the growing international cybersecurity challenges. Its main goal is to help governments develop global cybersecurity standards, conduct research to stay ahead of evolving threats, help train students to handle the cybersecurity challenges of the future.
About C2C
Country2Country (C2C) is a global scale capture the flag (CTF) competition that will extend past experiences and lessons learnt from the successful Cambridge2Cambridge CTF, which was seeded in early January 2015, when UK Prime Minister David Cameron visited US President Barack Obama. Professor Frank Stajano from University of Cambridge in UK, and Dr Howard Shrobe of MIT@CSAIL, Cambridge, MA, US, started the international Cambridge2Cambridge between University of Cambridge and MIT in Cambridge MA in 2015-2016 academic year. Country2Country will be an exciting opportunity for students to work together as international teams to solve interesting CTF challenges, while learning new skills, socialising, and promoting international collaboration and friendship.
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