OsuMarassa Creative Arc Consciousness Course & Membership Application
OsuMarassa is a system, a philosophy, for our awakening times.

OsuMarassa Consciousness (Creative Arc) is a powerful self-ministry, personal development and complete healing system. It is a journey into your authentic self. Our system weaves together the metaphysics of African/Ayitian spirituality, several universal energetic modalities, "rootworking", and an understanding of our biorhythms, modern interpretations and ancestral bio-messaging. Together in an noninvasive, self-honoring system that allows for gradual transformation, development, and helps to "give you legs" for the journey of self actualization. Many of us were torn off or have broken from our ancestral lineage or our African legacy. This course is a tool, an arc, for re-discovering the spirits and cosmic forces which supports you and your lineage. You learn by completing projects that will enhance your confidence and understanding of West African based traditions. This course does NOT supplant traditional initiations.

Creative Arc includes ancient methods of emotional release therapy and altar work techniques for evolution of mind through cosmic force connections. Creative Arc is rooted in our oldest "shamanic" practices that's been safely used for centuries for releasing pain, re-balancing ourselves and for most importantly transgenerational reconnections.

Increase self-esteem, confidence, and emotional and psychological well-being are some of benefits from one can expect from deeper roots reconnections. Developing respect for the dynamic and adaptable nature of life itself and less "fear" as you approach your lineage are other things you will experience.

This system is:

*Ayitian spirits focused
*a bridge between traditional and contemporary

Reclaim your spiritual legacy and unfold your true destiny!

Warning! This application must be completed in one sitting. Your progress will not be saved as you work. If you have any questions about the submission requirements, please contact tutu@sodotutu.net before you begin.

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