Information form commitment
Be sure to fill out the list of all the information on this form. The more detailed the better, otherwise it will affect your progress on the currency. We evaluate projects based on the following criteria, from high to low, including but not limited to:
1. User: If the current period has accumulated a large number of users, it will receive high priority considerations;
2. Product: We like products with actual technical support or practical application, already running or mature;
3. Team : We like a strong team or community, have a history of successful experience and concentrate on the best project;
4. Consultant: Credit in the circle is very important, it is best to let your well-known consultants contact us to do credit endorsement.

We will review your information in a timely manner, but due to too many projects, it may take a few days. If you do not receive a response after submitting, please feel free to provide more detailed and more convincing data and information by email.

Email address *
1.Brief introduction and contact information of the main person in charge of the team (please provide mobile phone number and common mailbox)
2. Project name and token abbreviation (Coinmarketcap and Etherscan "applicable to ERC20 tokens") *
3. Please provide the official website link and the link on *
4. Does the project have an inquiry method such as the originator, the place of registration, the registration time, and the fundraising entity (foundation)? Yes, please provide
5. Whether the project entity has relevant legal documents or Utility Token legal opinion instructions in accordance with local laws and regulations. If so, please provide
6. Please provide the link between the Chinese and English versions of the project
7. What new technologies or unique business concepts does the project have? What problems does it solve and what is the value of commercial applications? Why does its value grow over time?
8. How many people are in the core team of the project, please list the members and background information
9. Does the main member of the project team have experience in blockchain related work?
10. Does the main member of the project team have a successful ICO project? If so, please provide your resume and project description
11. Does the project consultant have a well-known person in the currency circle? If so, please provide a brief description of your personal resume and successful ICO projects
12. Please provide the private financing plan of the project token, the start and finish time, the financing price (such as 1 ETH = 2000 XYZ), the number of participants, the amount of tokens sold to the total amount of tokens, and the final completion status
13. Does the project have an institutional investor with a market value of $50 million, and if so, please list the name
14. Has the project token been online trading platform? If so, please list which trading platforms are online.
15. What is the current number of users and the number of community users in the project? Please attach the official links of the following communities to Slack, Telegram, Twitte, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, QQ, Weibo...
16. Does the project have a sub-discussion area in Reddit or Bitcointalk?
17. At what stage is the project currently being developed, is the source code publicly available on GitHub? Please briefly explain *
18. Are you willing to launch it exclusively with OMGFIN and have a one-month exclusive promotion after listing?
19. In addition to this project, will the project team members have ICOs involved in other projects? If so, please list
20. Commitment (please sign and upload the scanned copy to us)
Note: If the relevant documents such as “Proof of Legal Entity of Project Sponsor” and “Utility Token Legal Opinion Manual” are not filled in and uploaded, please complete it.
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