C3SC – Annual Members Survey
Thank you for taking part in this survey. Your answers and opinions are important to us and will help develop C3SC services to better meet your needs in the future. Please take 10 minutes to complete this anonymous survey.
1. What is its geographical remit of your group/organisation?
2. What Sector does your group/organisation belong to?
3. Please provide up to 3 examples of the common (regular) challenges your group/organisation is facing?
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4. What role do you see C3SC as a third sector umbrella organisation playing in supporting your group/organisation face these challenges?
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About C3SC training services:
5. Have you or members of your group/organisation attended C3SC training before?
5.1. If Yes, did it help you improve skills and confidence in the subject area?
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5.2. If No, please briefly explain your answer?
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6. What are the 3 most important training needs for your group/organisation?
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7. Would you or your group/organisation be interested in;
8. Do you have any other ideas of how C3SC can make training more accessible for you and/or your group/team/volunteers/trustees?
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Thank you very much for your time
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