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Thank you so much for your interest in joining Ki Culture!
We are so excited to begin working together to make the world a better place.

Before we can start we would love for you to fill out this form to get to know you better and to ensure we create the best fit for you within our organization.
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Please confirm that you are aware that this is an unpaid, remote, volunteer position *
At this time, we are not able to provide financial compensation nor do we offer any funding for relocation or travel to Amsterdam. All of our work is done remotely and on a volunteer basis. Please let us know that you are aware of this and consent to these terms.
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Please confirm that you are willing and able to work for Ki Culture as a volunteer/intern without payment.
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If you are joining us as an intern, are you affiliated with a specific university or training program?
If so, please indicate which one and if there are any requirements for your internship (length of internship or specific dates, time requirements, academic credit, specific learning objectives, supervision requirements, etc.).
Team(s) you are interested to join *
*Please select the team(s) that are of potential interest to you (you may select more than one).
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*Please indicate for how long you are interested in volunteering, or if you intend to stay with Ki Culture for the foreseeable future  
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Please indicate approximately how many hours per week you would be available to dedicate to Ki Culture. There is no minimum or maximum hours required, however, this can help us place you in terms of roles and responsibilities. We understand that this is a volunteer position and that you have other obligations and activities, so it is important for us that this is never a stressful addition to your plate - so please be realistic with us and with yourself. We also understand that this may change, so please keep us up to date on your workload and availability.
Motivations for joining Ki Culture *
Please outline why you would like to become a part of the Ki Culture Team and what your hopes are for your experience with us.
Skills you are interested in developing or exploring *
For us, the most important thing for all of our volunteers is that they feel they get as much out of their experience as they are putting in. This is an opportunity for building your network and learning, but it is also an opportunity for learning new or developing skills. These may be skills that are of personal interest, or marketable skills that would be useful for applications to other jobs/positions. Are you looking to get experience with fundraising? Or would you like to learn about how nonprofits work in general? Would you like to learn more about waste and materials and research? Let us know!
What you would like to get out of your experience at Ki Culture *
What are your expectations for your experience with us and how do you envision accomplishing these goals? Please let us know anything that would be helpful for us in finding the right fit for you within the organization.
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*So that we can include you in new opportunities that come up!
Anything else you would like to tell us that would be helpful in considering your application?
Please feel free to add any additional that we forgot to ask you about here so we can get to know you better!
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