CMC Volunteer Expectations Agreement Form
Volunteer Expectations
Volunteers must arrange a schedule with the volunteer coordinator before beginning to volunteer; Volunteers should not simply show up without being scheduled.  If you cannot come to your scheduled volunteer shift, please let us know ahead of time. We try to be flexible and we understand things come up!

With 1000 annual volunteers and a small staff, we depend upon volunteers to do all that we do at the Center. Please make a commitment to stick to your volunteer schedule.

All volunteers should sign in to record their hours each time they come using the sign-in computer at the front desk.

“Volunteer” badges are available at the reception desk area to wear during your shift. So others clearly know who is an “on-duty” volunteer, please always wear a badge. Please always return the badges to the CMC, even if you accidentally take one with you.

Volunteers showing signs of any illness, who have recently traveled outside of the country, or who have come into direct contact with someone with COVID-19 should not come to help out until it is safe to do so, per CDC Guidelines(dependent on exposure time frame and whether or not you are vaccinated). If you cannot make your shift for this or any other reason, please let the volunteer coordinator know in advance for each shift you will miss

We want volunteers to enjoy what they do. If you ever want to add new tasks, change to another position, or step back from a volunteer job, just let us know.

The most important thing you can do is treat guests and other volunteers with respect and show professional courtesy. A little kindness can really brighten someone’s day!

Please respect guests’ privacy. Who uses our services and information collected from guests should be kept strictly confidential and should not be discussed outside of the CMC.

Do not criticize others or argue in front of other volunteers or guests. If an issue ever arises, please bring it to any CMC staff member you feel comfortable talking to.

We recognize the detrimental impact of systematic injustice on those marginalized by it, many of whom are among the clientele the CMC serves. Please honor the struggles and diversity of all the people at the CMC by being respectful of other people’s experience and wisdom. When you come to serve, be mindful of how your own experiences and biases color how you see the world.

As a CMC Volunteer, you agree to receive periodic communications from the CMC including quarterly volunteer updates, the annual CMC volunteer survey, and other important updates or information relevant to CMC volunteers.

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