Wedding Industry Questionnaire (Married / Engaged)
Thank you for helping us get some great information about the wedding industry! We appreciate your insight.

Please take some time to fill out this questionnaire. Feel free to expand on your answers, go beyond the few word answers. We want to know your thoughts.

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Basic Information
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Phone Number
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Last completed level of education
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Partner's Occupation
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Did you grow up in Montana?
How did you meet your partner?
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What is your favorite date night activity?
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Favorite place(s) to shop
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What is your Love Language?
Your Wedding
If you are married, fill out the following questions. If not, skip to the next section.
What is / was your wedding date?
How long were you engaged (in months or years)
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Where did you get married?
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How many guests? (rough estimate)
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Did you do a first look?
What is your most vivid memory of your wedding day?
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What part of your day didn't go to plan?
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Would you have changed anything about your day?
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Wedding Planning Process
How did you go about finding vendors?
How do you prefer to be contacted by vendors?
What was the biggest driving factor in the vendors you chose?
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Did you attend a wedding fair while engaged?
If you attended a wedding fair event,
Did you book a vendor there?
Was the event useful?
What was the most inconvenient part of the wedding planning process?
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What would have made your life easier during the planning process?
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Knowing what you know now, would you have done anything differently in the planning process?
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Rank your social media platforms from most used to least used.
1 (Most Used)
2 (Second most used)
3 (Third most used)
4 (Fourth most used)
5 (Fifth Most Used)
Don't use this platform
How much was Pinterest used in planning your wedding?
Not at all
In every decision
List the first four vendors you secured for your wedding in order. (Ex. Venue, Photographer, Cake, Dress, etc)
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Which service were you most likely to go over your budget for?
Did you use a wedding planning binder or guide?
What was the best wedding planning decision you made?
Your answer
Wedding Photography
What was your biggest complaint about the wedding photography industry in general?
Your answer
What do you wish the wedding photography industry did differently?
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What was your budget for a photographer?
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How did you search for wedding photographers? (Check all that apply)
What would you type into Google when searching for a wedding photographer?
Your answer
If that didn't work, what else would you type?
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What was the deciding factor for why you chose your photographer?
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If your photographer didn't offer digital files, would you book them?
What were three things your photographer did well?
Your answer
What were three things you wish your photographer did differently?
Your answer
What were your favorite photos of the day?
Your answer
Do you have printed photos displayed in your home?
THANK YOU for your information!
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