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To be a part of Quantino, applicant businesses must be working on developing products with a strong growth potential in any of the following high tech sectors: optics, photonics, quantum technology, deeptech, and hardware. Interested businesses must also meet the following criteria:
- Sales of a maximum of $1 million
- Sustainable financial model
- A proof of concept (minimum requirement) related to one of INO’s business units (see list at www.ino.ca)
- Ability to pay the incubation fees

Please note that all information will be kept confidential.
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Examples: Loans, grants, scholarships, investments, etc.
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Be sure to include some possible solutions as well.
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We strongly recommend that you surround yourself with a team and cofounders when developing a business project like this.
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Information requested: First and last name, title/role, LinkedIn profile, start date
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Please tell us about any noteworthy distinctions and/or achievements by your team.
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If you have specific needs in terms of equipment and/or experts, please indicate them here.
Are you currently taking part in or have you previously taken part in other support programs? *
Examples: Entrepreneurship schools, incubators, accelerators, university programs, etc.
If you answered “Yes” to the previous question, what programs have you participated in? (Please give the name of the programs and start and end dates)
In the event that your application is not accepted, do we have your permission to share your application with other support programs that might meet your needs? *
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