YAN Governance: Committee Description & Application

Youth Action Now is looking for dynamic, diverse young people (under 25) to participate in our decision-making and governance. These are volunteer positions, with a one-year term.

If you are interested in joining our Steering Group or participating in one of our committees, please get in touch with us here and tell us more about yourself. We’ll get back to you soon.
Steering Group (3 Positions)
The Steering Group provides overall direction to Youth Action Now, confirming policies and priorities, reviewing plans and performance, and ensuring accountability and transparency.

The Steering Group meets monthly to make decisions about future plans, review progress against objectives, and oversee the work of the small staff team. As well, the Steering Group provides support to Youth Action Now’s program, outreach and fundraising efforts.

A member of the Steering Group commits 5-10 hours per month. This includes attendance at meetings (generally, two hours monthly), reviewing and providing feedback on proposals using Slack and other channels, and helping ensure the success of Youth Action Now events and initiatives.
Mentorship Committee (3 Positions)
The Mentorship Committee oversees the development, delivery and direction of the mentorship and support pillar of our work. We aim to support groups that approach us for funding and help them make their work sustainable and strong.

The Mentorship Committee meets 6-8 times per year, generally for two hours, and communicates between meetings using Slack and other channels.
Grants Committee (2 Positions & 1 Bilingual)

The Grants Committee considers Start Up NOW grant applications and decides which groups we will fund. As well the Committee recommends changes to the criteria or process of grant-making, based on its experience.

The Grants Committee meets at the beginning of each month to review applications received in the previous month, generally for two hours. Members are expected to have reviewed the applications ahead of the meeting. Meetings are fairly informal, seeking consensus on each application before moving on to the next.

Youth Action Now aims to unleash young people’s power through support for grassroots action and collective leadership. We are committed to supporting dynamic, diverse groups of young people who are actively working to build better communities, a more equitable country, and a more just world.
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