Distance Learning Suggestions for Collaboration
Please share how you are making your 'Get Focused'—aka Success 101—class work in the 'New Normal':
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Cell phone number (in case we want to follow up or clarify anything with you):
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Would you be willing to provide a video of your best practice to show others?
Would you be willing to sit on a webinar panel to discuss your best practices for others to learn?
We will be providing small thank you gifts for those who go above and beyond. Would you like to be considered? (Make sure we have your mailing address.)
What are you doing to get the content to your students? So many educators are doing wonderful things, and others are asking us, so we would value your input.
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Which materials do your students have access to currently? *
>90% have them
50-89% have this
>50% have this
None have this now
N/A (we don't offer this option)
Career Choices & Changes textbook
Career Choices textbook
CC Series Workbook
Lifestyle Math
What other items are you teaching from, if any?
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Do you have any resources you would be willing to share (e.g., videos, lesson plans, etc.)? If so, please email them to wendy@academicinnovations.com.
You will receive one drawing entry per item received that can be shared with others. This can be videos, lesson plans, etc.
Do you need someone to contact you to answer any questions? (If so, make sure you included a cell phone number.)
COOL NEWS! We have a brand new Instructor's Guide (8th edition) that was just released two weeks ago. It has many amazing new sections and updates (over 150 new pages, too). Now would be a great time to receive it. We can send it on 60-day review if that makes it easier for you to arrange payment later. We will follow up with you in regards to this offer in more detail if you provide your mailing address below (most provide their home address which we never share with anyone).
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Did you see the special offer about upgrading your My10yearPlan.com from Essentials to Interactive as a temporary way to get your students doing their work more effectively from anywhere? (See the email attachment sent on 3/20 with the subject of: Support Resources for Your Career Choices Series Course.)
What questions do you have?
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Thank you for taking the time to share with us what is working and for being willing to help other teachers across the country as we work together to make the best of this very unique situation.
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