HKOSCon track @ COSCUP 2019: Call for Proposals
1. Proposal Vetting will be processed by Open Source Hong Kong (OSHK).
2. Financial Assistance Program will be processed by OSHK and HKCOTA.

## Important dates:

* Submission deadline: May 6th, 2019
* Full program published: Early June
* COSCUP 2019: Aug 17-18 (with welcome party at 16th night), at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

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for booklet, possibly a shortened version of Abstract
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Language / 使用語言 *
Target Audience / 目標聽眾族群 *
Say, "Ruby on Rails developers" or "DevOps engineer with experience on automation"
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Difficulty / 內容難易度 *
Please see for some advice on this field.
Speaker information
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Other notes / 其他備註
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Other Criteria (Optional)
It is optional. OSHK will also consider other Criteria at proposal vetting, the vetting team will put proposals at higher priority if the additional information in this session fulfill vetting team expectation.
Is your proposal related to your Open Source Contributions in 2018/2019 ? / 你這提案跟你在2018/2019年的開源貢獻相關嗎?
What do you expect for you or related OSS projects from speaking at COSCUP 2019 ? / 你期望這次COSCUP演講能為你或相關開源專案帶來甚麼?
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Recording / 錄影
"All the talks will possibly be recorded and the video clips will be released under CC:BY-SA 4.0. If you have something in your talk that cannot be recorded or released under CC, please do leave a note in your proposal."
Do you agree us to release your session recording in CC:BY-SA 4.0 ? *
Travel Assistance Application / 旅費資助申請
HKOSCon will sponsor some of our speakers who have financial difficulty. Due to limited budget, we will consider case by case.

For youth under 23, you will be enrolled to OSHK's Open Source for Youth Program if this application is success.

Reason for Travel Assistance Application / 旅費資助申請原因
Amount for Travel Assistance Application (Air Fare) / 旅費資助申請數額 (機票)
in HKD / 以港幣計算
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Need Accommodation ? / 需要住宿提供/贊助 ?
Your need on Travel Assistance Application / 旅費資助申請需要
About Your Data
HKOSCon & COSCUP will send your proposal, include the contact information you provide, to the coordinators of the track you submitted the proposal. They might use these information to contact you for further information, and COSCUP will use the information to contact you once the full programme published. The personal information will only be accessible by selected coordinators, and only be used in HKOSCon-related & COSCUP-related situations.

一旦您送出資料,HKOSCon 及 COSCUP 會將資料(包含您的聯絡資訊)送交負責該議題的社群成員。他們可能會與您聯繫討論更多關於此投稿的相關事宜,而大會也將以此資料作為與您的聯繫之用。所有資料都僅有少數相關人士可以取得,且僅用在 HKOSCon 及 COSCUP 相關事務上。

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