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It is better to give a little ground and protect the peace than to stand firm and provoke a fight. *
Children need discipline that hurts a little so that they will remember the lesson later *
Children shouldn’t always get their way, but usually we ought to learn to listen to what they have to say. *
The parent-child relationship is like a war in which if the parent wins, both sides win; but if the parent loses, both sides lose. *
If parents provide a good environment, children will pretty much raise themselves. *
The parent’s role is like that of a teacher who is preparing the child for a final exam called life *
Childhood is so short that parents should do everything to make it a happy time. *
Spare the rod and spoil the child” is still the best policy. *
Children need to learn what they may or may not do, but we don’t have to use punishment to teach. *
Whether we like it or not, children have the last word about what they will or won’t do. *
If you let children have pretty free rein, they will eventually learn from the consequences of their behavior what is appropriate. *
Children first have to learn that the parent is boss. *
Too many children today talk back to their parents when they should just quietly obey them. *
If we want children to respect us, we must first treat them with respect. *
You can never do too much for your child if it comes from genuine love. *
I often have to call my child more than once to get her or him out of bed in the morning. *
I have to constantly stay on top of my child to get things done. *
When my child misbehaves, he or she usually knows what the consequences will be. *
I often get angry and yell at my child. *
I often feel that my child is taking advantage of my good nature. *
We have discussed chores at our home and everybody takes part *
My child gets a spanking at least once a month. *
My child has no regular chores around the home, but will occasionally pitch in when asked. *
I usually give my child clear instructions as to how I want something done. *
My child is finicky eater, so I have to try various combinations to make sure he or she gets the proper nutrition. *
I don’t call my child names, and I don’t expect to be called names by my child. *
I usually give my child choices between two alternatives rather than telling my child what to do *
I have to threaten my child with punishment at least once a week. *
I wish my child wouldn’t interrupt my conversations so often. *
My child usually gets up and ready without my help in the morning. *
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