SBKA Magazines Subscriptions Scheme
Many of us subscribe to beekeeping magazines as individuals and lose out on offers from publishers which benefit both us (with savings in our subscriptions) and them (in lowering their admin costs and boosting circulation).

Beecraft Magazine
Beecraft offer a 10% reduction on the annual subscription if 10 or more members order through SBKA. Thus the £28.00 pa reduces to £25.20 for hardcopy + digital edition, or £15, from £16.60 for the digital only.
You can take a look at some editions here:

They also have a shop where you can purchase books and apiary guides….

Beekeepers Quarterly
The Quality quarterly with Quarterly quality
Available as a hardcopy for £30 pa normally. Reduces to £20 hardcopy or £10 digital through SBKA

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Members already subscribed to one of these periodicals can join the SBKA scheme and will receive a credit for the outstanding period of their subscription.

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