Lap Dog Challenge 2021
Last year 40-some runners from 9 firms have ran about 1,424km and raised over HK$1.4M for the Lighthouse Club Hong Kong Benevolent Fund and The Lighthouse Club Pacific Region Benevolent Trust.

This 6th November 2021, 5 members from the 11 firms shown below will congregate at the Stanley Ho Sports Institute's 400m athletic track in Hong Kong.

These runners (aka "The Lap Dogs") will be allowed to run at any pace they desire, for as long as they wish, with as many breaks as they wish.

The aim is to run a maximum total number of laps in a 5 hour period from 7am – 12noon.

This won't be a "walk in the park". We are hoping all 40 runners run over 4,000 laps and some of our individual Lap Dogs cover 40+ km in the allotted 5 hours.

Our Lap Dogs are undergoing training and the event is being organized all in our own time.

All we're asking from your organization is some generosity with corporate sponsorship in the form of HK$ per lap or pledge a lump sum to the event.

Funds will only be required after the event when actual lap totals are known and will be deposited directly into the Lighthouse Club's charity. 10% of the funds raised will be donated to the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation by the Lighthouse Club's charity.

All sponsorship exceeding HK$100 will be supported by a receipt (upon request) and is tax deductible in HK.

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