Internship Funding Application

    Directions for Application

    1. Complete this form by providing all requested information. 2. Please e-mail a resume of the intern to 3. E-maiI a minute and/or letter of support from the local elders to the above email address. 4. Submit the entire application and required documentation to the clerk of the Board of Leadership Development and Enrichment (Eloise Hockett, above e-mail address). Once your materials have been received, the BoLDE will consider the request and provide a minute as to whether or not the request has been accepted or denied. The award amount will also be noted at that time. Once the internship has been completed, the church is required to complete a follow-up report which will be sent to the clerk of the Board of Leadership Development. If a follow-up report is not submitted, the church will be considered ineligible to seek future funding. Include the following items in your report: • Describe and assess the experience of the intern. • Were the goals for this experience met? Explain. • Provide additional information you would like to share with the BoLDE.