Brief Survey: XR & Marketing
I'm writing an article target towards CMO, CMOs, Chief Creative Officers, Digital and Content Strategists
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Key terms: AR = Augmented Reality, VR = Virtual Reality, MR = Mixed Reality, XR = Extended Reality (all of the previous terms).

To better understand the perspective of this audience, i have the following questions:

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Have you ever used VR before? (was it mobile, tethered or other?) *
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How relevant do you think XR (AR,VR,MR) will be to digital marketing strategy in 2021? *
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Has any piece of AR, VR, MR content ever seemed memorable? If yes, please describe.
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Have you encountered VR, AR, MR in marketing materials? Please describe what you experienced and your reaction to it?
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Can you describe the difference between Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR)?
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Have you (or your organization) started incorporating AR, VR, MR into your digital channels/marketing materials? If yes, please explain. If no, please explain hesitation: *
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Do you have a sense of how to get started creating AR, VR, MR assets? If yes, what tools or methods has your company used?
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What question or concern do you have around using AR, VR, MR for connecting with customers? *
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