Stickers and Stamps!
I want to support our USPS. I have stickers (with my #inkyDays drawings).
Would you like me to put a stamp on an envelope and mail one to you?

These are free! I'll keep sending out stickers until I run out of them.

Let me know when yours arrives. I'll send you an email that you can reply to, when the sticker arrives. Let's do some informal data collection on USPS delivery times during this postal crisis.

* Please be sure to enter your email address correctly, so that I can let you know when the sticker is mailed.

* If you're outside of the US, please type your mailing address (with postal code) in the "Questions and comment" section of this form.

If you're wondering who I am, I'm Kristin Henry: Science and Data Visualization consultant, Artist and Computer Scientist.

Privacy: I will not share your mailing address with anyone. I may create a data visualization showing which cities and states I send stickers to, but there would not be any personally identifying information included.
Which drawing would you like on your sticker? *
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Would you also like some Temporary Tattoos? *
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Please enter your postal mailing address:
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Questions and comments? *if you're outside the US, please enter your full address here, as it should be written (line for line) on an envelope so that it can be delivered to you. Including your country. I haven't been able to send some because full address, as it needs to be written on an envelope.
Would you like me to include a stamped envelope, for you to mail to me?
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