Student Application - ISNYC @ NYU Professional Mentorship Program
Application Deadline: September 14, 2018

Application requirements and Commitment:

A. Commit to meet with their professional mentor at least once a month for the entire
Academic Year Fall 2018 -Spring 2019

B. Complete a post-meeting reflection report about their meeting

C. Attend 3 required large group events:
1. Launch Event on Sat. October 27, 2018
2. Community Service Event on Sat. November 10, 2018
3. Closing Celebration in April 2019

Students who are selected to become a mentee will be informed by October 5, 2018. A maximum of ~15 mentees will be selected.

Please note: Mentors and mentees are paired by gender (female mentor with female mentee; male mentor with male mentee), but not necessarily by industry. There is no guarantee students will be matched with a mentor in the area of their study, but students can still benefit from all the work experience of our professional mentors and their network of peers and colleagues.

Here is a sampling of the various industries our professional mentors work in:

Private Equity (m)
Equity Trader (m)
Wealth Management, CFP (m)
IT Systems Engineer, Banking (m)
Information Systems Project Manager, Banking (m)
Dentistry and Public Health (m)
Agency Attorney (m)
Corporate and Trade Mark Attorney (m)
Labor & Employment Lawyer (m)
Legislative research specialist (m)

Assistant Controller, CPA (f)
Corporate Attorney (f)
Communications/Marketing (f)
Occupational Therapist (f)

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