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In addition to small groups meeting on Sunday mornings (Sunday School Classes), we offer other opportunities for people to be in fellowship with one another. Community Groups are a great way for people to connect, with groups meeting on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. There are a number of scriptures that encourage the body of Christ to be involved in “community” together. Several examples are: “bear one another’s burdens” and “not forsaking meeting together, but spur one another on to love and good deeds”. As a church staff, we truly believe that utilizing Community Groups will allow us to deepen our relationship with the Lord and with others, which in turn will make us stronger disciples of Jesus Christ.
The Community Group calendar year will be divided into trimesters. The groups will be meeting for 10-12 weeks, taking a 5-6 week break between sessions. (Note: the summer session is 6 weeks in length)
The meeting times for the year are:

Fall Trimester Early September through Late November
Spring Trimester Early January through Mid April
Summer Trimester Mid June through Late July

The schedule for Groups meeting on Wednesday nights is as follows:

5:00 to 6:00—All Church Meal
6:00 to 7:30---Children’s & Youth activities and Community Groups

Note: Parents will need to ensure that they assist their children during the meal time as usual. All children will need to be picked up from church no later than 7:45.

Groups that meet on Sunday nights are more flexible in regard to meeting times, with 6 PM being the recommended
start time.



Jason and Stacy Acevado
This group is full.

Jim and Laura Reinbolt
This Group consists of adults of all ages
and meets at church.

Richard and Kitten Arthur
This Group consist of adults of all ages
and meets in homes.

Jeff and Cheryl Hatcher
This Group is full.

Naomi Wood
This Group is full.

Tom and Dina Warren
This Group consists of families that are 40ish
and meets in homes.

Jim and Kay McDonald
This Group consists of adults that are 60ish
to retirement and meets in homes.

Jon and Miller Loudermilk
This Group consists of young families
and meets at church.


Myra Moreau
This Group consist of ladies only and meets at
the church.


Gary and Joyce Gemoets
This Group consists of adults of all
ages and meets in homes.

Robert/Debbie Mills and Billy/Carlene Crim
This Group consists of adults of all
ages and meets in homes.

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Making Group Choices
Our Group size is determined by personal dynamics and meeting space. Therefore, we need to maintain a healthy balance with all of our groups. We would ask that grace abound as we strive to allow people to make group choices. We ask those who sign up for a group, that they would be willing to participate in a group even though it may not be their preferred choice. Therefore, please consider making a first and second group choice.
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