Marathon Shuffle 2025 - VIP Application
Our Challenge
More people would like to participate in the Marathon Shuffle than we can accommodate.   How to determine who gets to participate?

We want to keep the event free.  Everyone loves a good deal but, clearly, we can't please everyone.  The trail can only accommodate so many people.  We're close to the point where the trail is being harmed by the number of Shuffle participants.  The 27-km distance and terrain are challenging.  We want to host a safe event, however, that can welcome people of a wide range of ages and abilities without overly taxing our volunteers.  Our expenses grow with the number of participants and so does the complexity of hosting this unique event.   

Over the past few years, we've tried to grow the event in a sustainable, equitable way.   Every year, however, many people who have contributed their time or their money to helping the trail have found they couldn't get in to the Shuffle.  

Our Solution
Offer priority to people who help the Sunshine Coast Trail and/or the Marathon Shuffle. We're calling these people Shuffle VIPs.  For the 2025 Marathon Shuffle, we are setting aside 100 (25% of 400 total) entries for Shuffle VIPs.  

This is a completely new approach, so we're planning to be open-minded about who earns this special status.  Here are the general rules: 
  • Applications can be made at any time.  They will be evaluated by the qPAWS (qathet Parks And Wilderness Society) Marathon Shuffle Committee monthly starting February 2025
  • Qualifying activities must specifically help the Sunshine Coast Trail in a substantial way 
  • Qualifying activities must have been completed between 1 April 2024 and 30 March 2025.  
  • Selected applicants still have to register for the Shuffle and pay the $10 registration fee.
Please complete this form to apply for VIP status in the 2025 Marathon Shuffle.  We will contact you when your application has been evaluated.

Questions?  Contact us:

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Thank you for all you do!

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