Corporate Coaching with Consuela Nicole
I strive to uplift, assist and equip females from young teens starting at the age of 13 to the "well-seasoned" woman of 50 plus years with the tools to remove the mask of insecurity and walk with their heads held high in a positive light by building self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence and inspiring virtue. The company was founded under two major principles which has become our motto: "Loving the Skin you’re in While Making Every Day Count" and "We Are All Made Different for a Reason".

Consuela Nicole and her team is available to assist ladies with the tools to integrate the company’s motto in their lives as their morals and as their way of life by learning to love the skin they are in and doing so in a healthy manner. We incorporates skin care, hair care, speaking, fashion, walking the runway for fashion and pageants, fitness, love, self-affirmations, perceptions and so much more. Also offered will be several events including outings, challenges, big sister days (brought forth to promote sisterhood and mentoring), special guest speakers, fashion shows, pageants and so much more.
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