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Mayor Frank G. Jackson's Neighborhood Transformation Initiative (NTI) aims to support entrepreneurial success and wealth building, as well as boost commercial vibrancy in Cleveland’s neighborhoods. The initiative will develop retail districts, where small shops are at the core of local economy to ensure that residents live in walkable neighborhoods and are able to connect with the community.

The Cleveland Citywide Development Corporation (CCDC) is launching NTI’s inaugural retail incubator in the first floor of the Glenville-Circle North mixed-use development located at 1400 East 105th Street.
The Incubator will offer:
- Specialized coaching assistance: business plan writing, financial literacy, marketing strategy
- Below market rent: escalating rent structure with max of $7/ sq. ft
- Subsidized tenant buildout: buildout and permanent equipment will be fully financed
- Increased marketing exposure: events will be organized to activate the space to bring more customers

Participating businesses will be selected through application process and pitch competitions.

The space will accommodate:
ONE ANCHOR TENANT | experienced small business | preferably a restaurant | 1,000 sq.ft | 5- year lease
SIX SMALL RETAIL TENANTS | idea stage, or start-ups | retailers, art vendors, food manufacturers, restaurateurs, cosmetologists, and other service providers | 150-200 sq. ft | 2-year lease before relocating to a permanent location

The entrepreneurs, who will not be selected for the Incubator, will be provided with access to additional services from partner organizations, and will receive assistance in finding a suitable retail location if desired.

Program Timeline:
November 30, 2018 - Applications Due
December 21, 2018 - Candidates will be notified of their selection
Week of January 21, 2019 - Meet the Contestants and present business model
February - Training
Week of February 25, 2019 - Final Pitch Event

If you have any additional information you would like to attach to your application or ask questions regarding the program or the application process, please direct them to Shanelle Johnson at CoreCity@jumpstartinc.org.

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