Fairies and Gnomes: Participating Parks and Green Spaces form
Use this form to let us know which parks and green spaces in your community will potentially house fairy and gnome constructions so that we can include that information on the map on our website at www.518fairyhomes.com.

Join the Mohawk Valley Library System’s Fairies & Gnomes: Imagine their Homes Summer Learning Project, a way for families to celebrate the library summer reading program safely outdoors, build "STEM," and practice good stewardship of land and resources throughout our local communities.

In addition to the creation of natural, found-object fairy/gnome homes at participants’ residences and on library lawns, we are hoping to expand our miniature, hands-on projects to our local municipal parks and public green spaces — wherever fairies and gnomes might be found! Particpants are encouraged to take pictures of their creations and post to #518fairyhomes.

Would your community parks and green spaces allow the creation and temporary park-siting of these whimsical architectural designs by participating children and their families this summer? These open-ended activities are for children and their parents and is not a library-coordinated event. Families are encouraged to wear masks and social distance, both while making fairy and gnome homes and while admiring those found in public parks and green spaces. In fact, our website www.518fairyhomes.com has Best Practice rules, acknowledging COVID-19 Safety Procedures.

Where might one create or stumble upon a fairy or gnome home in our parks and green spaces? Under bushes, near trees, at the base of walls, in crevices — places where the miniature, whimsical structures are unlikely to be disturbed or to cause a disturbance. Creators and seekers of the fairy folk and their abodes are asked to respect public flower displays and gardens and to use natural, non-living materials unless building in their own yards, homes or businesses. When finished, families can post photos of their creations to #518Fairyhomes on Instagram or Facebook so the fun of finding other people’s fanciful dwellings — or signs of the elusive wee folk — can begin! At the end of the summer, the homes should recycle/compost.

We’ve created a map where Fairy and Gnome building homes will be happening in highlighted communities, libraries and parks throughout the Mohawk Valley Library System. Please let us know below on the form if we can add your public parks and/or green spaces on our Fairies and Gnomes: Imagine Their Homes community map! We will need to know the name of participating parks and/or green spaces, and any accompanying websites, if available, address and town. If your park/green space is in Fulton, Montgomery, Schenectady and Schoharie counties, we will also add the info below the map. If outside our Mohawk Valley Library System boundaries, we will just add your park/green space to our map. Feel free to link to our website and social media at www.518fairyhomes.com and #518fairyhomes.

And please, feel free to adapt our signs to alert visitors to which areas are suitable for building, and any areas that are off-limits to fairy and gnome house construction.

Questions? Contact us at mvls@mvls.info
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