YaoNa Dance Fall Class Registration
Class Schedule/课程时间:8/12/19-5/31/20
Registration Time/报名时间:April 15,2019 开始报名
Registration Fee:
$25.00 (旧学员在5/31/2019前报名免$25.00注册费)
*registration before 5/31/2019, no registration fee, for returning Student only
Deposit:$50 / 预交$50.00 2019秋季学费
Type of payment: (please remark the student name and class)
Check Pay to(Yao Na Dance Studio);
Paypal (yaonadance@gmail.com);

Class Arrangement/课程安排:
Aug.2019-- Dec.2019
Dance Basic Training+Technique Test

Jan.2020--May 2020:
Team Competition+Year Showcase

Any Question,Please feel free to contact Yao Na Dance Studio

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I have voluntarily chosen to participate [or allow Student to participate] in dance activities and to use equipment and facilities made available By Yao Na Dance Studio. I warrant that I have consulted with a physician about participation in dance activities and that Student is physically fit and otherwise able to participate in dance activities.I am aware that dance activities strain the heart, lungs, and all other parts of the body; that dance activities are physically demanding and stressful, and can be dangerous; that physical injuries, serious and minor, can and do occur in dance activities; and that Student is voluntarily participating in dance activities with knowledge of the dangers involved in doing so. Student [and Student's Parent or Guardian] expressly and completely assumes all risks of injury, death, or damage, however caused, resulting directly or indirectly from dance activities with Yao Na Dance Studio.And/or use of equipment and facilities made available by Yao Na Dance Studio *
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