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My Review Team will receive Advance Reader Copies (Kindle) of each upcoming release. Rules and conditions apply. Kindly only complete this form if you are willing to read Comedy Romance, Historical Romance, Fantasy Romance and Post-Apocalyptic Romance. Opportunities to read individual titles will be offered separately. Thank you <3
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RULES AND CONDITIONS: By signing up to be on my Review Team, you agree to 1. keep all ARCs to yourself; 2. keep spoilers and endings confidential; 3. review the ARC on Amazon within 5 weeks of the date you receive it; and 4. only share reviews of less than three stars two weeks after the book's release. I am very open to constructive feedback if you would care to email me. As well, real life happens. If there's any reason you can't post your review in the expected time frame (or for any other reason), please contact me. If these rules and conditions are not met, you will be removed from this team. *
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