Van Ness Project - Business Impacts
We are aware that the Van Ness Improvement Project has had a significant detrimental effect on businesses along the Van Ness corridor. The purpose of this survey is to help quantify this impact, which will help us advocate on behalf of businesses with the City and the SFMTA, as well as potentially helping businesses negotiate with landlords and brokers. Your responses will be kept anonymous, and data will be aggregated so as to not identify you.
Which block of Van Ness Ave. is your business on? *
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How long has your business been on Van Ness Ave? (years) *
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Revenue impacts
Have you experienced a decrease in business revenue since construction began? *
If so, please share the approximate percentage decrease. (This question is optional, but the more data we have, the stronger our collective advocacy position will be. Your response will be kept confidential.)
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Financial costs
Has your business incurred any additional financial costs as a direct result of construction? (Eg: extra cleaning services due to dust) *
If so, please share the type of costs, and the approximate extra expense to your business (per month).
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Qualitative impacts
Please describe any non-financial impacts to your business of the construction project.
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Which of these would help your business during the construction phase?
Any additional observations or ideas?
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